EV-elocity Project

Vehicle-to-grid (V2G) innovation with electric vehicles
EV-elocity Project
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EV-elocity is a research and development project looking at increasing the uptake of electric vehicles through helping consumers to monetise their investment using vehicle-to-grid innovation.

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about us

EV-elocity is a research and development project looking at increasing the uptake of electric vehicles through helping consumers to monetise their investment using vehicle-to-grid (V2G) innovation. The project is exploring new technologies, encouraging behaviour change and developing business models that will enable the sharing of the value V2G can bring to the grid, local and regional businesses and the consumer.

Our ecosystem of partners is looking to demonstrate vehicle-to-grid in a range of real-world situations to gain technical, customer and commercial insights into this emerging technology. The project will demonstrate the value of this offering via different case studies with a view of scaling deployment across the country and internationally.

The EV-elocity Project is funded by The Office for Zero Emission Vehicles (OZEV) and the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS) and facilitated by Innovate UK.

project aims


Deploy a technology-agnostic backend system and user interface to manage and operate V2G units


Demonstrate V2G across a range of UK locations, collecting data on charger, user and vehicle behaviour


Discover more about the user behaviour and operation of V2G


Deepen understanding around the impacts of V2G on battery degradation


Develop an evidence-based techno-economic model of the viability and value of V2G within the UK

latest news from EV-elocity

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Vehicle-to-Grid at Leeds City Council

Leeds City Council have completed the installation of six vehicle-to-grid (V2G) chargers across two local authority locations. There are five units installed at the Council’s busy Knowsthorpe Gate site. These units supplement existing charge point facilities which in turn support a number of the authorities’ large electric vehicle fleet. The …
Hallward Library V2G

Vehicle-to-Grid at Hallward Library – University of Nottingham

The second vehicle-to-grid (V2G) charger installed at the University of Nottingham is located next to one of the most iconic buildings: Hallward Library. This building opened in 1972 and is the central library of the University Park Campus (I’m sure many of you are familiar with this building!). The library …
5 hours ago
Visitor registration is now open for #LCV2021 and #CAM2021 😁

➡️ To register your place please visit: https://t.co/KNwQTznouq

We hope to see you at @millbrookvenues in September 🚗 🔌

#EVs #CAVs #automotive #netzero https://t.co/UeOVKyEvwD
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1 month ago
The #V2G demonstrator at Hallward Library will be looking at:

💰 economic benefits of #V2G
⚡️🚗reducing #CO2emissions
🔋optimising #EV battery efficiency

@luceliataranto @JulieWaldronT @mcgillott @UoN_Cities @UonestatesH @CrowdCharge @UniofNottingham

1 month ago
"Efficient storage is a key part of ensuring that the availability of energy is balanced with demand."

Prof James Marco explains more about transmission of energy between electric vehicles & the local energy network: https://t.co/AEnoq9zYEs

@WMGBusiness @EV_elocity
#CleanAirDay https://t.co/bSrQfAeYPJ
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1 month ago
Press Release | World’s largest domestic Vehicle-to-Grid trial reveals customers could recover the majority of their household energy costs: https://t.co/PuJUY7QlWZ
@OVOEnergy @Kaluza_tech https://t.co/fIVAno2iU0
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